Monday, August 6, 2012

The Final Countdown

Friends, exactly one week from this moment I will most likely be taking a nap after my first full day back at work. No students, but plenty of meetings and business to take care of before my classes arrive next Thursday. I spent today enjoying the sunshine and, yes, getting ready!

My three most notable accomplishments today:

1. I went to Big Lots, my favorite store for back-to-school prep, and bought a huge new (clean) carpet and more floor pillows for my independent reading corner and some composition notebooks. Lest you think these composition notebooks are not noteworthy, these were college-ruled composition notebooks for only 39 cents. I stocked up.

2. I discovered Corbett Harrison's website and have been knee-deep in incredible writing instruction all afternoon. I am so excited to adopt his Writer's Notebook format with my AVID class and finally, FINALLY, get them producing some quality written work. I bought the full set of his Writer's Notebook Bingo Cards, and my fingers are tingling I am so excited to use them! It doesn't help that I had an enormous iced coffee this afternoon, either.

3. I learned that students can upload videos directly to Google Docs and share the link with me without having to use a YouTube account. I technically already knew in theory that they could do this, but today I finally tried it myself to see how easy it was. This is a game changer, people! I wish I had known about this last year, it would have made my life 100x easier. Google is amazing.
Hope you are all getting a few last relaxing days (and for some of you lucky ducks, weeks) in before we head back to work. I know I'll be in my classroom at least twice this week, but I'm also planning to relax on the beach in Santa Cruz for a few days as well.


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  1. I have until Aug. 28 for meetings (and Open House, ahh!), and school starts the day after labor day. I am nowhere near ready. I still have some professional development classes to sign up for, which start in a week and a half. Yikes!