Thursday, July 5, 2012

Vacation Hangover

And we're back! Today, I was planning to write about how we eat while camping, but I'm experiencing a bit of a vacation hangover. Perhaps you're familiar with the phenomenon? The day after you get home from a vacation, you oversleep and then drink too much coffee. The house is a mess, there's laundry to be done and dishes to wash, you need to go to the grocery store and return phone calls and emails (not to mention wash your stinky dog), but all you can really manage to do is watch all the TV you missed and browse Pinterest. Then, before you know it, it's 2pm, you're still in your PJs, and you need to take the dog to the vet to get her kennel cough booster.

Yep, that's me today.  So here's a few pretty pictures of the Sierras. Have you ever been? We stayed in King's Canyon and it was gorgeous. Maybe my favorite camping spot yet.

Kona says, "Hello!"



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    1. Thanks, Janetha! It helps when the setting is so naturally beautiful :)

  2. gorgeous photos. And I totally feel you on the vacation hangover. Re-entry into regular life is no fun, and unpacking is the worst. Happy to see you blogging again!

  3. I am so stinkin' homesick for the west coast that I can't stand it!