Saturday, February 23, 2013

This American Life: Harper High School

Hi friends,

If you haven't, please take some time this weekend to listen to This American Life's two-episode coverage of Chicago's Harper High School and the unbelievable gun violence they have experienced in the last year or so. As a teacher, it inspired me to love my students even more, and as a human being, it broke my heart.

Memorial at Harper High School for Shakaki Asphy, a student killed by gunfire last Summer. Photo by Bill Healy.

Harper High School, Part 1 & Harper High School, Part 2


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  1. These podcasts left me speechless and so, so sad for these kids. It's AMAZING the work that the staff at Harper is doing, but I'm terrified for when the turnaround money goes away.

    I think EVERYONE needs to listen to this, not just people who are involved in education, since this affects us all.